American Barns vs Traditional Stables – Which is Best?

Making the Right Stabling Choice for Your Horses

Today we will outline the differences between American barns and traditional stables when it comes to housing your horses. We will show you the positive and negative features of each style of building. Hopefully, this article will help you in deciding whether you want to build an American barn or if a traditionally styled stable is right for you. Continue reading as we look at the differences to help you make the best decision.

A traditional stable is built where there is either a single stable or several stables next to each other. Each of these stables will have a door that opens out directly into an open yard for your horses to roam. An American barn is a large building that is built with an open concept in mind and all the horses are housed under one single roof within individual stables. These are the two styles that we will show you both the positive and negative elements when using them to house your horses.

Traditional stables often have one or more stables sitting next to each other and are parallel. Each of the stables has a door facing the open yard. They are often more easily ventilated because of the door leading to the open yard. You will need to also build a window and roof vent to ensure that your horses have adequate airflow. We also recommend with traditional stables that you install a roof or an overhang to protect your horses from the harsher weather elements like extreme heat or cold.

A Typical Stable Block Has No Interior Walkway to Work with the Horses. Image credit: Pinterest

Another advantage of using traditional stables is that the horses will each have their own stable which lowers the risks of spreading diseases. Having each horse contained and released by a single entry point makes it easier to get the horses in and out of the stable and to take care of their personal needs.

The benefits of using an American barn style offer a lot of positive attributes and very few disadvantages. We will outline what is beneficial to American barns below.

Within an American barn system, all of the horses are contained under one large roof. This style of barn utilises an open area concept with four walls and a raised roof. The horses are contained within stalls partitioned from each other. This barn protects the horses from the weather and extremes of the elements. Most American stables harness the use of windows and they have high roofs which help with ventilation and proper air flow throughout the building.

An added feature of the American barn is that it can be built so that everything needed to take care of your horses is done under a roof where you and the animals are protected from the elements. Within a barn, you can include a feeding area, stables, a hay, straw, and clean up area on the second level as well. You can also include such things as a washroom or office, or use the extra space to house vehicles, equipment, and tools used for ranch duties.

Horses Are Very Sociable Animals That Enjoy Each Others Company. Image credit: Hudson Health Dept

You can also include things within an American barn that will make it more comfortable for the people working within it as well as your horses. To start with you can create windows in the partitions of the stables allowing the horses to socialise. This prevents loneliness and depression in the horses and helps them to stick together as the herd animal that they are. Secondly, an American barn protects your animals from the blazing heat and scorching sun during the summer times and protects them from the freezing rains and snow of the winters.

Being able to work with your horses taking them to the tac room or cleaning them is a lot easier and convenient being able to do it all in one place. You can have the ability to build your perfect American barn based on your own personal needs and desires. You can feed your horses, clean them, house them and prepare them for riding all in one area. We stated this before but protecting your animals from the extremes of the elements is a benefit of American barns.

You can also include such things as electrical hookups, lighting as well proper plumbing. You can create the ultimate working environment when it comes to harnessing the American barn. Traditional stables serve their purpose and ultimately the decision lies with you. Deciding what is best for you, your animals and what you have available in terms of land and funding to build the best stables should be your top priority.

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