How to Choose an Exhibition Stand Designer

When it comes to choosing the best trade show stand contractors you will want to find out who they are, their experiences and what has worked and not worked for them and previous clients. Choosing a designer is something that you will have to put some time into and there will be numerous questions you will want to ask a contractor before you choose one to build an exhibition booth for you.

Out of all the questions you should be asking trade show stand contractors the following five have been outlined as things you need to know and are absolutely crucial to have answered before you hire a contractor and go forward with designing and building a booth.

Be sure to use these following five questions to figure out who will be the best builder for your exhibit and whether or not they are capable of meeting your requirements. The very last thing that you want is a supplier or builder who cannot meet your needs or fail to meet deadlines or expectations that are vital to your brand’s trade show success.

Trade Show Display
Trade Show Display. Image credit: Pinterest

1. Have you worked inside this industry before?

There are many different approaches and builders who have varied experience with different types of booths. There are new companies where the business is new to the industry and there are also professionals with years of experience. You will want to find a designer that can incorporate the elements that are unique with your stand design. Exhibition stand marketing uses the language of visual communication and you need to be absolutely sure that the company you hire can provide you with the services and experience you need. Not all designers are equal or alike and that is why asking a designer what kind of experience they have in your industry should be a mandatory question.

2. What size budgets does your firm work with?

Knowing about your potential contractor and the previous booth designs and the sizes of budgets they have worked with will tell you a lot about their company. If the budget is extremely high then you will know that your company may not be able to employ them. However on the other side of the spectrum if they work with budgets that are too low you will be able to estimate the risks compared to reward more accurately with choosing a firm. You will want to have information on whether they are able to stick to budgets and what their previous experiences entail to have a greater grasp and understanding of who you may be employing.

3. What is the feedback from previous clients?

After you have taken a look at a firm’s portfolio you should ask for their previous client’s feedback and reviews. Being able to see what other companies have to say about a design company will give you a much greater sense of what working with them are like. You can find out if they are good at meeting deadlines, matching budgets, client care and other things. Asking this simple question can save you plenty of headaches and hassles if you didn’t. Keep this in mind and take the time necessary to speak to their previous clients if you can to get the best-educated opinion.

4. What is the perception of your corporate identity?

You will want to find out how the design team understands your corporate identity and knowing their perception is vital. You will have to give a designer the specific guidelines to your branding and the creative team will need to understand the purpose of your exhibit, your marketing message, corporate logo and other visual elements. Being able to build an exhibition booth and guiding an attendee through a sales experience are different things and need to be harnessed together to create an effective marketing impact for your brand or company.

5. What major trade shows and exhibitions have the design team visited?

You will want to be sure that your design contractor is well versed with what is new and innovative featuring the latest trends at major trade shows. You will need trade show stand contractors who are up to date and know what is currently working and what no longer is.

Get a greater exhibition stand experience

By utilising these 5 different questions you will have a greater vantage of what your prospective contractors are capable of providing you. When they are able to answer these questions and meet your expectations you will have a greater chance of success with exhibition stand marketing.