How to upgrade an old kitchen with quartz worktop overlays

The Quick & Easy Way to Transform Your Kitchen

The surface area of your kitchen countertop has to face a lot of wear and tear. If you were to think how much chopping, cutting, spilling and countless other negative things occurred on it, you will be better able to realise that it is normal to see it look rather shabby and worse for wear after a very short period of time. As a result, the kitchen itself may be looking a bit old and not up to standard in your eyes. However you cannot imagine ordering a new kitchen, as primarily it is very expensive, and besides there is a lot of time, effort and mess involved in having it installed. So what can you do? If the major reason why you are not that happy with your kitchen is because of your countertops, then you should just address them alone. You can dramatically transform your kitchen by simply installing quartz worktop overlays.

A Typical Quartz Worktop Overlay. Image credit: Quartz Lite

Quartz is a very popular materials for kitchen countertops. It looks really sleek and modern, and many are opting for it instead of granite over the past few years. Since it is a non-porous material, you do not need to worry about staining quartz. Besides it is easy to clean and maintain. It is also considered much more hygienic than other kinds of materials generally used for kitchen countertops, and this is evidently very important for a kitchen.

Besides all of these benefits of installing quartz, one should also consider the practicality of it all. Having quartz worktop overlays installed is neither difficult, nor time consuming. And it is not messy either!

In fact, once you make up your mind to install quartz worktop overlays, all you need to do is call a couple of companies that supply and install quartz in kitchens, and get hold of some quotes. Company representatives will come to measure your kitchen and give you an estimated cost based on the amount of quartz you will be buying and your kitchen layout. They will generally prepare template cutouts so as to make sure that the measurements are as accurate as possible. Bear in mind that the quartz worktop overlays will be installed over the current countertops and so there is no need to remove the old worktop. However you might need to disconnect the hob.

Quartz is a Non-Porpous Man-Made Product. Image credit: Hanstone

Installing quartz worktop overlays is quite simple as long as the job is carried out by an experienced person. The quartz overlays are glued onto the existing worktops. A seamless result might be attained thanks to these specialists’ knowhow on how to best cut and install different quartz pieces. Should you be able to have a bigger worktop area it is also possible to extend over the current area by installing a longer piece in that end. Such issues will need to be discussed in advance with the fitter, but it is a possibility. Thus you can effectively make your kitchen countertop bigger than it used to be. And of course it will be looking so much nicer than before because with new quartz worktop overlays your kitchen will look like new!