MAG 250: The must-have set-top box to watch UK TV overseas

IPTV Set-Top Box Overview

The MAG 250 is an IP TV set top box that streams UK television channels live. The device is especially useful for UK citizens who live abroad or for any other person anywhere in the world who is a fan of UK television channels. The first thing many relocating UK citizens miss is their TV. Channels like BBC and Sky Sports are very popular and nobody wishes to miss them.

Now, you don’t have to worry about missing any of your favorite channels while being abroad though. The MAG 250 connects to your TV set or computer HDMI port, giving you a spectacular picture and all the UK channels you may possibly hope for. Reputable vendors such as DemandUKTV supply the streaming channels direct to your box so you can take the channel you want with you, anywhere you go!

Watch live TV

The MAG 250 gives you access to live TV anywhere anytime. When moving abroad, simply get the device and ensure you have a stable internet connection and you are good to go. Connect the device to the internet using your internet router or use a WIFI connection. For WIFI connections, you may need an adapter since the device does not have an inbuilt one. For good results, ensure your internet runs at least at 2mbps. There are hundreds of channels available via the device.

Movies on Demand

Apart from watching many live UK channels, many movies on demand are made available via the device. This is true if you are on a premium subscription. Watch blockbusters, such as “The Story of Wikileaks”, “The Internship” and “The Heat”, among hundreds of other movies. Moreover, you may also access some old classics and some of your old-time favorite movies. The icing on the cake is that new movies are added to the device every week. Bored with TV? No problem: just watch the movies on demand at the click of a button.

Listen to radio stations & music

The MAG 250 device approaches the whole issue of entertainment holistically. Apart from watching your favorite UK television channels, you can also tune in to your favorite radio channels from abroad. Virtually all the radio channels are available on this device. In addition, the device comes with a standard USB port where you can plug in your USB audio devices and listen to your favorite music. The device can also play MPEG files, meaning that you can also watch the movies you have stored on your flash drive. You can also view your pictures on the TV screen, presented in HD format.

No need for a PC!

Watch TV channels on your 50 inch television screen, not on your PC. It is very convenient and user-friendly. You can’t imagine gluing your eyes to a PC screen for several hours to watch TV. It can get so uncomfortable. With the MAG 250, you can recline in your seat and watch your favorite UK TV channels comfortably. So, when you are abroad, make yourself comfortable by acquiring the MAG 250 set top box.