Sky Viewing Cards: How to Buy in Spain

Enjoy the best of UK television all across SPAIN

Since established, Sky television has led the way in home television entertainment to subscribers within the United Kingdom. It lifted many barriers that traditional terrestrial television providers were resistant to break, such as providing pay-per-view events including major sports fixtures and latest released movies. Sky also offered us a much broader range of television, most commonly from America and in more recent years, from other places including Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Some time back, where there was just the usual suspects of BBC and ITV stations to deliver the same rigid choice of TV shows. Sky however, instantly opened up a whole universe of television entertainment.

Now more than a quarter of a century later, we are in the technological age of home entertainment where not only can you still access TV via satellite dish, you can also watch shows ‘on-demand’ at a time and place of your own preference on numerous hardware at home or away. The world has moved fast and without doubt, Sky has been an influential part of that. Where other TV stations have followed, Sky television has been a pioneer and leader of new technologies including internet access, set-top boxes and flexible viewing terms.

So with such a forward looking attitude, is it any wonder that Sky TV in Spain is just as universal today as it ever was?

With the growth of the European Union, the world has become a smaller landscape and with that, many Brits have decided to leave home and start a new life overseas, most notably in sunnier climates such as Spain, Portugal, southern France, Italy and Greece. Some however have migrated to the likes of Switzerland, Austria, Poland and many other eastern European nations. We are without doubt a nation of distanced ex-patriots.

However like most Brits, we prefer our television and given the opportunity, we still prefer to watch our own, home grown TV entertainment rather than the local offerings. That’s why so many of us who have left the country, still have the need to watch UK TV where they live. This increasing demand has led to many overseas suppliers of Sky television to surface from the shadows and start supplying UK television abroad.

The issue is, there are many organisations who are operating outside of the law and in many cases, offering pirated and illegal services that could be closed down or worse still, could put the customer in a position of difficulty under EU laws. So with that in mind, how can you find a legitimate and legal provider of Sky television?

Finding a reputable Sky viewing card supplier

Consider it or not but there are a good range of reputable suppliers of Sky viewing cards but separating them from the charlatans is the difficult trick. Here’s a few ideas to sourcing a supplier you can trust and lean on:

1. Secure Site

Make sure you check for the lock icon in your browser when looking for Sky TV in Spain. If their website is secure, it shows you they have taken measures to secure your data and ensure your credit card information is only transmitted over a secure, encrypted connection. Google regards sites using HTTPS with greater priority so if you’ve found a site that doesn’t use security, ignore them and move onto the next one.

2. UK address

If you’re ordering a Sky card using a UK credit card, your best bet is to buy from a UK supplier. By doing so, your purchase will be protected under UK law but also, you’ll be able to chat to an English language speaking native if you ever need advice. Any reputable supplier can ship a Sky viewing card to almost any country across Europe as the postage fees are low and delivery should be quick and simply.

3. Telephone

Choose a seller that offers telephone as well as email support. Email only support tends to ensure you are kept at arms length, whilst telephone calls give you the ability to chat to someone and find out what their support is like. If you get through, ask some pressing questions and then get the idea for whether you can count on this supplier.

4. Avoid Scammers

Online auction sites are packed with fake and hacked Sky cards. The same can be said for online forums, Facebook pages and various other social media websites. If they don’t have a website with a permanent business locality, do not trust these sellers. Invariably, they will send you a crappy card that either works temporarily and will get shut down shortly after use!

Be happy with your choice!

Once you’ve found a supplier who ticks all of the above needs, you should be ready to go online and order your service. Accessing Sky TV overseas is fairly easy in most European countries nowadays but finding a supplier who is trustworthy and professional is another hurdle altogether. So with just a few hours homework and research, you should be able to make a well judged and wise choice.