SmartDNS: The new tool for streaming UK TV

Smart DNS is a new technology for streaming down media and gaming content from anywhere on the web. So far people have been using VPN or the Virtual Private Network for streaming content. There are many advantages of such streaming. For starters, it allows people to watch the movies or programs that were telecast at timings that are convenient to them. There is no need to record the content as was done in the past. Programs that come concurrently on different channels can be streamed and watched when it is convenient for the viewer, rather than having to miss one or more of them. Even movies can be watched in this way instead of waiting them to arrive in any of the theaters or searching for the DVDs and taking those on hire.

Basically, a VPN software program is essential for such streaming. This software establishes a link right up to the source of the content weaving through the web.

Smart DNS on the other hand is an intermediate system responsible for facilitating networking based on host names and domain names. Therefore, networking is faster and connectivity more reliable. In fact the major problem with VPN based streaming is that connections are lost frequently. In contrast streaming with SmartDNS is almost free from connectivity problems provided the IP address is not frequently altered. But there are tools that take care of such alterations as well, because of which SmartDNS scores over VPN based streaming.

Another major advantage of using it is a SmartDNS can be used on multiple devices. Unlike it, the user has to install VPN software in multiple devices. In order to use SmartDNS in more than one device, the user needs to make a few changes in the Network settings.

Therefore, the major advantages of SmartDNS streaming over VPN as well as OpenVPN streaming are:

  1. Much higher speed of streaming
  2. Easier access to content on multiple devices
  3. Cost benefit
  4. Trouble free connectivity

In so far as reliability is concerned both the UK based VPN service as well as SmartDNS rank on par. Both seem to offer a guarantee of 99.9 percent but issues like change in IP address and other problems with the Internet protocol can affect the reliability of both these services. In general, both services do manage that percentage of uptime.

It is not as if Smart DNS VPN streaming is completely trouble free. The speed, cost benefit, and other advantages offered by this latest streaming system comes at a price of two major problems with this system that need to be acknowledged-

  1. SmartDNS does little to protect the privacy of the individual. This when compared to the elaborate system integrated in VPN software programs is indeed a striking drawback, and the user needs to be sure if such compromise is likely to cause any major harm before using this service. This, also is the reason VPN software is costlier and the price of such software continues to increase since additional development becomes a continuous process;
  2. Installing and setting up SmartDNS is not as easy as installing and setting up VPN. While this is a one-time problem, it does require considerable care in set up and networking;


In these days of social media, privacy concerns are not exactly high on people’s minds, especially if the devices that are being used for streaming are not the devices that they would use for personal purposes. Therefore, many people are likely to switch over to SmartDNS streaming, if they have not already.